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jennifer; new york city.

Comedy Bang! Bang! live show in Los Angeles.

I pretty much forgot to take proper photos because I was having too much fun.  Oops.  To summarize, it was pretty much the all-star show I was expecting.  James Adomian was Paul Giamatti and Andy Daly was Chip Gardner (which reminded me of the wonderful CBB episode 131, LISTEN TO IT NOW! The ending is classic).  And Nick Kroll was drunk. And El Chupacabra.

ALSO PICTURED: Adam Scott, Harris Wittels, and of course, Broke Ankleman.

NOT PICTURED: Kurt Braunohler kicking ass and being a wonderful individual during his opening set.  I hadn’t heard any of his standup before, though I’ve enjoyed him mightily in other venues (most recently his hosting on Bunk), and he did not disappoint!  He’s definitely one of my new favorites.

Afterwards, I didn’t manage to get any photos with people, mostly because I was blindsided by an inconvenient bout of shyness.  I did stick around long enough to say hello to James and ask for an autograph, and he very kindly obliged.  I also bought his new comedy album, Low Hangin Fruit, which will be dropping very soon on iTunes and other internet sources.  YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY BUY IT.  I had to work a ten hour shift today, despite the fact that Nordsomething* closes at 7pm on Sundays, because we had to peel all the little stickers that said “Anniversary sale” off of the tags of every item of clothing in my department.  Yeah, that was three hours of fun.  But I put on my iPod and listened to Low Hangin Fruit, in its entirety, twice.  It’s fantastic and it definitely kept me somewhat sane (especially the bit about the old timey New York accents).  It’s so exciting to see him doing so well, considering one of his episodes on Comedy Death Ray Radio was what got me into comedy in the first place.  I’m personally invested on a number of embarrassing levels.

It was also really cool to see Andy Daly live!  My adoration of that man has risen to unprecedented heights.  Why is he so goddamn endearing?

To summarize, I had a wonderful time last night!  Also I decided I’m definitely going to shell out the $25 for the complete CBB Live podcast package, because it’s going to be great for my ??? hour flight from NYC to Copenhagen.

It’s weird to think that the guys at Earwolf (and CDR/CBB specifically) have been making me laugh for almost three years now.  And I’m about to move really far away, where everything’s going to be very different, but I’m going to have a little piece of American comedy every week to keep me company.  The prospect of that is really comforting.

* Store name changed to protect the innocent, since apparently my employer has something of a web presence and actually pays attention to that stuff.  Google alerts, man.

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